Doula FAQ

Thank you for your interest in labor doula services with Two Birds Birth Services! Please take your time reading over the FAQs I have compiled for you. If you have anymore questions, visit my Contact page and send me a message. I’d love to help you understand the process and answer your questions.

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What does a doula do anyway?

A doula is a person who attends the birthing family before, during, and just after the birth of the baby. The certified doula is trained to deliver emotional support from home to hospital, ease the transition into the hospital environment, and be there through changing hospital shifts and alternating provider schedules. The doula serves as a labor coach and information source to give the mother and her partner the added comfort of additional support throughout the entire labor. She encourages and promotes self-advocacy, informed choice, and excellent communication between the mother and care providers. There are a variety of titles used by women offering these kinds of services such as “birth assistant,” “labor support specialist” and “doula”. (source)

Q: What is a labor/birth doula?
A: Labor Doulas fill an important role in providing emotional, physical, and evidence-based, informational support to the birthing woman and her family before, during, and after birth. (source)

Q: Do you make decisions for me?
A: A labor doula is there to help you make decisions for yourself. We help you find your voice and advocate for the birth you want. We do not make decisions for you, tell the nurse or doctor your preferences, or more importantly, tell YOU what to do. A labor doula wants to help you get the birth that you want, so make your wishes known early, and we can provide informational support beforehand.

Q: How do doulas help in birth?
A: A doula has a simple role: To hold space. This means that she will be a silent observer, if that’s what the birth calls for, or an active participant. The doula is there to meet your needs, however they need to be met. She will help you breathe through a wave, find a comfortable position, run a bath, start a shower, hold a drink while you sip from a straw, provide counter-pressure on your back, offer a break for your partner, give you encouragement and hope, provide emotional and physical support, and be your cheerleader as the baby is emerging. She might also sit quietly in the corner while you work through the waves with your partner, because sometimes that is all that the doula needs to do.

Q: Will my spouse/partner feel included?
A: Of course! A doula does not replace your partner. I make it my goal to get the partner as involved as possible, because that person is who you will be the most comfortable with anyway.

Q: I’m planning to have an epidural, can you still help me?
A: A doula is there to help you through the birth that YOU want, including epidural births. There are many different ways a doula can support you after you choose to have an epidural placed.

Q: What if I need to have an induction?
A: Inductions can sometimes be confusing, lengthy and tiring, for both you and your partner. A doula can be there, whether as phone support in the beginning and then physically present as the induction takes hold, to help relieve you and answer any questions you might have in the moment.

Q: What if I have a cesarean?
A: Whether you have a planned cesarean or an emergency cesarean after hours of labor, a doula is there to help you out. I have attended both planned and emergency cesareans, and as a cesarean mother myself, I can provide insight into the process and recovery afterward. **There is a reduced labor doula fee for cesarean births**

Q: Can you attend a homebirth?
A: Of course! I would love to attend your homebirth. However, be aware that I cannot legally attend a planned, unassisted homebirth, if that is the choice you are making in your birthing path.

Q: What sort of training do you have?
A: I have completed and certified with CAPPA, a wonderful organization that provides support and education for pregnancy and beyond. In addition, I continue my education through reading and research. I am also working on my childbirth educator certification, and have trained through PBi to become a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Birth work is my passion and I am continuously growing!

Q: What is your experience?
A: Other than my own birth, I have attended or observed 16 births in the past year and a half. These have been at various hospitals in the Seoul-area, for all sorts of expats and military personnel, for all sorts of births – all-natural, induced, epidural, cesarean, and everything in between.