Childbirth Education

Education is the foundation to achieving the birth you desire. Whether you would like a drug-free, natural birth, are scheduling a cesarean, or anything in between, it is important to know your options every step of the way. You are the one in charge of your birth.

I am currently working on my certification as a Childbirth Educator. Below, you can view the services I plan to offer, and the services I can offer to you right now. Please visit my Contact page if you have questions or would like to learn more about childbirth education.

Childbirth Education Class (Private)

Do you and your partner desire to learn more about childbirth? In my private childbirth class, we focus on:

– What to expect as labor approaches.
– Comfort measures during early and active labor.
– When to go to the hospital/birth center.
– The stages of labor and how your body transforms during this process.
– How your partner can help.
– Common procedures and medications you might encounter.
– The “what-if” scenarios of induction, cesareans, and so on.
– What to expect after the baby is born, such as procedures, how your body will feel, etc.

There are two options for the private childbirth education classes: A shorter three-hour session, or a longer six-hour session broken into two meetings. The three-hour session will cover these topics more quickly, but thoroughly, while the six-hour option will give you more time to have all your questions answered completely. Please visit the Inquiries page to get the process started!

Three-hour (one day) Class: $250
Six-hour (two day) Class: $500

**Offered on demand**

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New Family Preparation Class (Private)

Welcoming a new baby into the family can be an exciting time, and also completely overwhelming! Sometimes it helps to speak with someone who has “been there, done that” and can offer guidance in whatever decisions you want to make. This is less of a class and more of a discussion about all the aspects of newborn care. In this class, we talk about:

– What to expect immediately after birth, your first days at the hospital, and first days at home.
– Normal newborn behavior and appearance.
– Tips on how to adjust to a new routine.
– Breastfeeding basics.
– Information on some choices you might make: Cloth diapers or disposable? Breastfeed or formula? Circumcision or not? Co-sleeping or not? And anything else you might have questions on!
– Tips on soothing a fussy baby.
– Adjusting to new parenthood while keeping yourselves sane.

This class is offered in one or two parts – once, before your due date, and then an additional visit within the first two weeks after baby is born, if you so choose.

Two-hour (one day) class: $200
Five-hour (two day) class: $400

**Offered on demand**

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What I will be offering in the future:

Weekend Childbirth Education Classes – A multi-weekend, multi-family class filled with information on third trimester pregnancy, preparing for a healthy birth, birth options, childbirth skills, recovery, and basic newborn and breastfeeding information.

Beer & Baby Daddies – A prep class just for the dads to learn about childbirth & life with a newborn.

Cesarean Awareness Class – For those parents who are looking at a scheduled or repeat cesarean in their future, this class with give you all the information on procedures, medicines, what to expect during the birth, and recovery afterwards.

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