Questions to Ask Your Doula


So you’re going to hire a doula – yay! First things first, did you find one yet? (How to find a doula) Once you do, come back here!

I’ve run into many moms asking what they should talk about during the initial interview with their potential doulas. The interview is a great time to learn about your doulas strengths and weaknesses, her views and values, and ultimately, if you two click personality-wise. The interview is two-fold: She is getting to know if you’re the right fit for her as much as you’re getting to know her.

First of all, relax. The interview is a time to just chill and get to know each other. My favorite part is just chatting with the potential clients about where they’re from, they’re hopes for this birth, and their experience. In the same way, you as a potential client can get a feel for the way I run things and my personality.

In any case, here are some questions that can help you during the interview process. By all means, ask all of them or none of them, it’s up to you! See where the conversation brings you.


— Why did you become a doula?

— Where did you do your training/certify?

— How long have you been a doula? How many births have you attended?

— What do you offer with your doula services? Prenatal visits, postnatal, breastfeeding education, lending library, etc.

— How much do you charge? Do you take payment plans? Offer discounts?

— What do you require of me as a client? Childbirth education classes, breastfeeding knowledge, certain conversations with providers, etc.

— How many births do you take a month? Do you offer backup arrangements?

— When does the on-call period begin?

— How do you feel about natural birth? Epidurals? Inductions? Cesareans?

— Have you attended a cesarean birth? A VBAC? Multiples birth?

— When do you arrive at the birth? How long do you stay?

— What are your favorite pain management techniques?

— How do I get in contact with you?

— Tell us about a birthing experience.

**I suggest you interview several doulas in the area before you make your decision. Doulas understand if we are not the right fit for your particular circumstance. There is a doula out there for everybody!**

How to Find a Doula


There are doulas out there… but how do you find them? It’s surprisingly easy, if you just know a few tricks and tips! Here are some of the best ways I know to find the doula right for you.


A majority of my client base comes from word-of-mouth. Be that on online forums (think, FB groups), former clients, or other doulas who are either booked up or suggest me as an alternative for whatever reason. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


Open up your favorite web search and type in Doula and then Your City. Most doulas have websites. Click on some of them and see where they lead!


Most care providers will be able to give you the names of popular and reputable doulas, especially ones they have worked with and can vouch for. I know I have gotten a couple referrals from care providers. As a doula, I’ve handed out a few business cards to providers to give to their clients. Just ask!


While I couldn’t be a part of this website due to my location, if you’re in the United States you can easily find a doula on this website, as long as the doula has signed up and made a page for themselves. Just type in your zip code and it will bring up a page of doulas available near your due date, their prices and experience, and so on. Start calling them!


There are several organizations that certify doulas, such as CAPPA, DONA, BAI, CBI, and others. Visit their websites and do a search for doulas on there.


**A lot of these practices can be used to find childbirth education classes, lactation consultants, and midwives. Just start doing your research!**