Birth Quote #4: She Believed She Could, So She Did


You can do anything.

Birth Quote #3: Chrysalis & Shell


Why mess with a good thing, right?

Birth Quote #2: Faith over Fear


Faith over fear.

I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety in my life, and this saying can go with any stressful situation I might find myself in. Childbirth can be an especially fearful time. Perhaps it’s your first baby, and you’re afraid of the unknown — Will it hurt? How much? What is labor like? When will it occur? Perhaps you’re facing a repeat cesarean. Perhaps you’re going for that VBAC you badly wish for. Perhaps you had a picture perfect birth before, however that looks in your mind, but you’re worried about the outcome of this birth. We all have our anxieties, and mother’s especially have them over childbirth.

So remember to keep your faith in the process, your faith in the eventual outcome, your faith in nature and your body, over your fear. Fear has its place, but it should not hold you back.

Birth Quote #1: Your Cervix is not a Crystal Ball



Visit her website: Belly Up

When was the last time your cervix predicted the future? Why do medical professionals rely on this as an indicator of impending birth, or progression during labor? What did your last cervical check tell you?

If you want to be checked, that is your choice. If you’d rather not be checked, whether it’s at 38 weeks or during labor, that is also your choice. Your body, your choice. Remember: You are the one in control during your pregnancy and birth!