Moms One, Two & Three!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!

Guess what? My first three moms in Korea gave birth in the past few weeks. It was such a whirlwind of activity and fun and love, and I wanted to share a bit about my experience with them.

Mom One
I actually missed this birth, much to my disappointment, though I don’t think anyone would’ve made it there because this little guy came SO FAST. Mom One called me the day before Valentine’s Day letting me know she was in early labor, but I had to excuse myself because I was sick with the flu and could barely get off the couch. No fear, I notified my backup doulas for when the time came. Well… the time came, but none of us knew it! This mom gave birth so fast her husband wasn’t even there! What a surprise. Her fourth baby and first boy was very excited to greet the world.

Mom Two
Exactly a week later, I get a phone call at 3:30am — Mom Two was in labor! Since my husband was gone, I called the babysitter for my daughter and was out the door by 4am to meet the couple at the hospital. She was still early, so we spent some time that morning hanging around the hotel, waiting for labor to progress further. We were back at the hospital mid-morning and stayed there until that baby came!

This mom did amazing. Even though she had an epidural, there was still a spot of pain on one side (common issue with epidurals, what are called “hot spots”) so I helped her labor through the pain. It was getting intense after some time, which I recognized as transition, but she pushed through for a couple more hours. Come 7pm, she was fully dilated, and at 8pm she was pushing! Their baby girl and first baby came into the world at 8:46pm on February 20.

Mom Three
A week and a half later, on March 2nd, I got another call at 3am letting me know that this moms water had broken. They went to the hospital but I didn’t meet them until 12:30pm. Labor was slow going most of the day, but with the help of me and the medical staff, we got things going by midnight. Thankfully she received an epidural to help her relax through the intense pain caused by Pitocin, and we all snoozed a bit during the night.

Around 7am, the doctor came to check the mom. Mom Three wasn’t so enthusiastic that anything had happened while she slept but – SURPRISE! – the baby was right there and it was time to push. Whoa! Excitement filled the room! Not twenty minutes later, a little girl was born, the couple’s first baby. Wow!

I was asked to be their birth photographer as well, so I snapped a few photos of Mom Three’s birth, which I’ll share in another post soon.

I am so so honored to be a part of these birth experiences. It’s such a pleasure to watch these couple’s become parents for the first (or fourth!) time, and feel the joy and excitement that comes with a new baby’s arrival. Being a doula can be hard but it is definitely rewarding.

Happy Birthing!!