{Birth Photography} Stephanie

I had the honor of being both doula and birth photographer for this lovely birth. These new parents were welcoming their first child, a baby boy, into the world with love and peace. I can vividly remember how calm the room was, and how sometimes I felt like I didn’t even need to help because the mother was so in control of herself and her body. It was magical.

I was called around 7pm on a Monday night to come help at the birth, and when I arrived at 8pm I was shocked at how quiet the room was at the birth center. This couple had it together! Over the next nine hours I helped her keep relaxing, moving, and breathing. We went from the bed to the wall to the tub. Stephanie had studied HypnoBabies and that kept her focus inward. It helped tremendously.

Around 5:30am on Tuesday July 22, their baby boy, Shea, was born. It was a beautiful experience and I’m grateful to have been there!

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